Air Source Heat Pumps

We only install the 'Daikin Altherma Systems' which are world leading Air Source Heat Pumps in terms of efficiency and reliability.


The 'Daikin Altherma System' is designed for low temperature radiators, under floor heating systems or fan coil units and the supply of hot water. The 'Daikin Altherma System' is also capable of providing cooling whilst producing this domestic hot water.

We design and install Air Source Heat Pumps appropriate for use in the heating of both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. These systems can also be adapted to provide additional energy savings to an existing set-up or for new, stand alone systems.

An Air Source Heat Pump begins with thermal energy from the sun. As the sun warms our atmosphere and the outer layer of the earth’s crust it creates a vast and inexhaustible source of free energy.

In one year the energy sent to the earth by the sun is 50 times higher than the total consumption of energy on our planet. On sunny days we can feel this thermal energy on our skin.

You may be surprised to know there is always plenty of thermal energy in the air, even on cold winter days and at night. The efficiency of an Air Source Heat Pump depends quite strongly on the outdoor temperature, but they are commonly used in most Northern European and Scandinavian countries where the temperature is much lower than the UK.

The advantage, compared to Ground Source heat Pumps, is that no ground work is required and it reduces a labour-intensive installation time by 90%.