Solar Power

Using the sun's energy to heat your domestic hot water can show significant long term savings.


In a typical home installation, water, circulating through solar panels carries heated water which is then pumped to a heat exchanger, this is basically a coil within a storage vessel much like a traditional immersion heater, here it gives off its heat and the cooled water then re-circulated to the solar panel for reheating.

During the hours of daylight, cold water within the storage vessel is heated by this constant supply of heated water from the solar panels which can work even on cloudy days. We use only the highest quality solar panels to suit the UK climate.

  • Solar panels are usually installed on the roof to maximise the amount of sun they receive.
  • Alternative installation sites can be discussed to comply with any local planning regulations.
  • Air Source Climate Control offer a full installation and maintenance service.
  • Grants are also available - please ask for information.
  • Accredited for Vaillant solar technology.