The purchase of a house, flat or commercial property will be the most significant investment that anybody will make. The standard building survey is normally just to satisfy the lender that the property has sufficient value against the mortgage of the purchase.


An Air Source Climate Control pre-inspection survey will highlight any potential problems with your central heating, plumbing and electrical systems and will assist you in fully understanding the working systems of your property.

The Survey will include:

A Periodic Inspection Test of the Electrical Installation - This provides you with a NICEIC Report and Air Source Climate Control will also offer a full breakdown of any remedial works required along with a free quote to carry out those works. Alternatively we can offer purely a visual inspection and report.

Plumbing Inspection - An Industry Accredited Plumber will check all internal pipe work where accessible, all waste drainage, cold water storage tanks, and the condition/operation of the incoming supply shut-off valve. A full report will be provided including any recommendations for required remedial works. As part of this service we can also carry out a full CCTV inspection and cleaning of all underground drainage for peace of mind.

Heating Inspection - Our ‘Gas Safe’ Registered Engineer will carry out a visual check of the entire heating system, to include gas connection and incoming supply, boiler and flue operation, distribution pipe work, radiators and valves, control systems and hot water cylinders. A full report will be provided including any recommendations for required remedial works. Air Source Climate Control can also carry out Gas Certificate checks and boiler and heating services.

Energy Performance Certification - An Industry Accredited Engineer will carry out this inspection with the view of improving the energy efficiency of your property and to recommend improvements as required.

All Reports will be clear and concise so that there can be no misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the information contained. Any queries about the content can be addressed and dealt with immediately.

A detailed list of all equipment installed will be produced and supplied in a manual for your retention.

This would usually include:

  • Boiler Type (make and model).
  • Hot Water Cylinder Type.
  • Heating Control System.
  • Electrical System Schematic (includes fuse chart and circuit diagrams).